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Pole Spectacular - Wagga Pole Studio

The Pole Spectacular? There are many words that could substitute "Spectacular", like amazing, astonishing, breathtaking, dazzling, fantastic, marvelous.... The list is endless but doesn't even begin to cover this years event hosted by the Wagga Pole Studio. Established in Wagga Wagga for over seven years, Wagga Pole Studio is focused on educating, inspiring and motivating each and everyone one of their students with instructors that are knowledgeable, passionate and caring. On November 18th the Pole Spectacular's doors where opened, for one night only. Adoring fans, family and friends anxiously filled the seats in wait for the nights entertainment, a pole dance extravaganza, the Pole Spectacular! Emceeing the Pole Spectacular was the glorious hostess with the mostess Mistress Pas de Chatte! Mistress Pas de Chatte is the owner and teacher...

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Under The Big Top - Zana Aerial Dance Academy

ROLL UP ROLL UP! Zana Aerial Dance Academy proudly presents "Under The Big Top". Zana Aerial Dance Academy are all about taking dance to the next level! With Silks, Trapeze, Lyra and Pole Dance, as well as acrobatics, and acro balance. Zana's amazing team of instructors are one of a kind, coming from gymnastic and dance backgrounds requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, endurance and control, which is what they all possess. "It is set to be a massive show and we are extremely excited about it." Zana Aerial Dance Academy Through two glorious nights the instructors and students at Zana Aerial Dance Academy astounded us once again by getting back to their roots in one of their biggest recitals yet! On...

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Is pole dancing really acceptable for children?

Let's start with a topic that has been thrown around a fair bit, whether it be on the news, paper, articles or even in your own dance studio. Is pole dancing really acceptable for children?.While many people have different opinions on the topic we've narrowed it down to the two main groups. Groups being people who dance pole and people who don't dance pole, simple. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to children pole dancing, especially their parents. Pole dancing is mostly known for its erotic style of dance, a sexy, saucy and revealing way to entice your audience and please them. Though through the years, that has changed. Pole dancing has now become a...

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Miss Pole Dance Australia ACT

  What an amazing night for the guests at the Miss Pole Dance ACT 17/18, featuring for the first time both amateur and professional divisions. On Friday 9th June 2017 guests were entranced yet again by the strength, determination and beauty of all the entrants who competed in this year’s event presented by Trick Fitness ACT. For the 5th year in a row Jen, Andrew and the Trick Fitness team have hosted the Miss Pole Dance ACT event and we couldn't be more pleased in taking part of that process. Jen has been a part of the competitive pole industry for 10 years, Tricks has always been her passion but more recently she has found her love for the floor, winning semi...

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