Captivating night for Zana Aerial Dance Academy

November 23, 2016 Kate Windhurst

What a profound night for the staff and students of Zana Aerial Dance Academy. Over two nights they've astounded us once again in their recital.

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November the staff and students put on showcase that takes a trip back in time to our most memorable decades and distant future. From the swinging 60's to the end of time, traveling in their time machine is a must.

Business owner of Vigorous Array Jessica Keller stated. "What a captivating night! You could see all the hard work and training that had gone into everybody's routines, a wonderful effort for a flawless routines."

From the lighting to the costumes this was a must see show. Zana never ceases to amaze us with their sure strength and community they have among their students and guests. Zana Aerial Dance Academy "Thanks for being so awesome and making the show spectacular! Can't wait for many more recitals with you all." And that they will. Every performance shown by students and staff at Zana will surly be remembered as something great.

Although when using the world's first time machine there are sure to be some issues. A technical error occurred which had the passengers at a standstill mid travel on opening night. Though this didn't stop them, all issued maintenance workers where on call to fix the time machine, after 5 short minutes and a craving applaud the adventure continued. Zana Aerial Dance Academy "Thank you to all the wonderful performers, you all shine so bright, even when things don't go to plan."

By the end of the night the good vibes kept rolling with special thanks to helpers, sponsors, supporters and performers. Zana Aerial Dance Academy "Thank you to all our helpers, we really couldn't do it without you! Big thanks to our sponsors; Ashleigh from Akro Photography and Design, Jessica from Vigorous Array and Mass Nutrition.
And of course, massive love to all the Zana supporters who came and cheered us on!"

And thank you Tanya, Heather, Ashleigh and all the wonderful students of Zana Aerial Dance Academy for a whimsical night to remember.


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