Is pole dancing really acceptable for children?

September 05, 2017 Kate Windhurst

Child Pole Dancing

Let's start with a topic that has been thrown around a fair bit, whether it be on the news, paper, articles or even in your own dance studio. Is pole dancing really acceptable for children?.

While many people have different opinions on the topic we've narrowed it down to the two main groups. Groups being people who dance pole and people who don't dance pole, simple.

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to children pole dancing, especially their parents. Pole dancing is mostly known for its erotic style of dance, a sexy, saucy and revealing way to entice your audience and please them. Though through the years, that has changed. Pole dancing has now become a sport. Yes, a sport. We now have thousands of studios around the world specializing in pole dance. Teaching styles differentiate depending on age, fitness level and your own personal preference.

So, let's get back on track. Yes, we believe pole dancing is acceptable for children. Most pole dance studios offer children's classes during the week, some are even an elective for school sports. During these classes the instructor assess the child's physical ability, and instructs them on the importance of pole dance safety before the lesson has begun. Children's classes are kept very mild focusing on having fun, making friends and building strength.

Children StretchingMost parents who have pole danced understand the requirements and leveling when you start pole dancing, so have a more lenient approach to the idea of children pole dancing. The positive that come from this is that the child may progress a bit faster because they have guidance outside of their lesson through their parents. Parents who haven't pole danced may find their child not progressing as quick as a child who's parent does pole dance, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, everybody is different especially children. Our suggestion is to just be supportive, if you haven't pole danced and your child wants to, why not sit in on a lesson or two? or try it for yourself?

"But my child is 15+ I'm worried about all those sexy moves?" This is something we have heard many times, whether your child is 2 or 20, they will start on the same level, level 1 or beginner. All pole studios have the same system when is comes to level ability, 1 through 7 is usually the leveling platform most studios use, 1 being beginner and 7 being advanced. If this system isn't used, its most likely because they use keywords like beginner, intermediate, prep-advanced and advanced. If you feel uncomfortable about your child learning a certain move, or if you think the lesson it getting a bit to saucy for your child, then just let the instructor know. They're super cool and take every precaution to make you and your child comfortable. 

So, what's to be expected in the levels? Level 1 or beginner classes focus on the basics, learning how the pole works, from static to spinning, safety tips and requirements and cleaning of the poles are just the start. They will learn how to spin and climb the pole. All pole dancing studios take care and safety as the upmost importance when is comes to their students.

As you progress through the levels, you'll learn how to build upon the moves you've already learnt, turn them into combo's and a routine. You'll gain both strength and flexibility, friends and a little pole dance family. Remember pole dancing is very similar to gymnastics, except horizontally.

Child Pole DancingNow, let's talk the fun stuff. You don't need to be at an elite level to compete. Studios hold 3 to 4 student showcases a year, a chance for their students to show their friends and family what they've learnt, a chance for them to see the progression from level to level. If you're feeling a little more adventurous you can compete in pole dance competitions, these are hosted all around Australia in many different forms and have many prizes up for grabs, most competitions have three divisions, amateur, professional and group. Amateur being any student from any level, Professional being a studio owner, qualified instructor or teacher and Group of two or more people. If your want to kick it up a notch, you can compete in the Australian Pole Championship State Heats and the Australian Pole Championships. Not to mention the Australian Pole Festival and Australian Pole Expo, these are competitions just fun events you and your friends can go to.

And remember you don't have to be super fit and flexible to pole dance, you just need the right attitude and big smile, we'll teach you the rest.

If your nervous about your child starting pole dancing and we haven't convinced you enough, check out your local studio to find out exactly what they offer, or contact us and we'll find out for you.


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