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July 06, 2017 Kate Windhurst

Trick Fitness opening act


What an amazing night for the guests at the Miss Pole Dance ACT 17/18, featuring for the first time both amateur and professional divisions.

On Friday 9th June 2017 guests were entranced yet again by the strength, determination and beauty of all the entrants who competed in this year’s event presented by Trick Fitness ACT.

For the 5th year in a row Jen, Andrew and the Trick Fitness team have hosted the Miss Pole Dance ACT event and we couldn't be more pleased in taking part of that process.

Jen has been a part of the competitive pole industry for 10 years, Tricks has always been her passion but more recently she has found her love for the floor, winning semi pro division of floor play in Sydney in 2015, whilst being pregnant with baby Summer.

Jen says ‘There is nothing better than watching her girls train and grow, crying with them on the bad days and yelling at them on the good ones. Comp training is such a hard thing there are so many hours put into each and every part of every routine and then costumes and props and everything else. It is stressful and rewarding all at the same time, even though they make it look effortless it is HARD WORK.’

The night began with a group routine showcasing the skill and strength from the students and instructors of Trick Fitness with vocalist Cassie. The sexy and saucy ladies had the audience entranced with their flawless floor work and routine, it’s a no brainer why these girls love what they do.

Left JD - Right Diesel DarlingThe beautiful Diesel Darling (AKA Andea) form Bobbis Pole Studio was emcee for the evening. Diesel Darling is a high-octane performer. She's a dancer, an actor, a jeweller, costume and prop maker, a snake-charmer and has a body from heaven (or was that hell?). Best known for her signature "Serpentease" with her beloved pet pythons Claudia, and Danger. Diesel knows how to get people's engines revving which is probably why they chose to have her emcee such an amazing event.

Diesel wowed us with her stunning gowns, costumes and head pieces through-out the night, as the night progressed more and more came off…… and on, until it felt like she’d gone through her entire wardrobe, but as true Diesel fashion, the show never ends, more dress changes, tricks, jokes, dancing and splits were added though-out the night making the audience scream for more.

Miss Pole Dance ACT inter-graded both amateur and professional divisions, and what an outcome! These girls have worked hard to make it to where they are today, and not only we at Vigorous Array but the whole audience appreciated it. Starting off the night was the amateur division, and wow was that a sight, each and every girl who took to the stage blew us away with their outstanding strength, determination and cheerful proposition.

But first! Lets get into the line up, and get to know the ten amateur competitors for the evening.

First up was Kaylah. Kaylah has been pole dancing for four years and loves every second. She spends all her time at the studio and loves all the people she has met along the way. She works for the government during the day and is currently studying security, terrorism and counter terrorism at Uni. With a special shout out to her lover for watching her pole videos a million times over and telling her if it’s rubbish or not.

Second to shine was Taylor – Jade. After discovering pole dancing 4 years ago, Taylor-Jade will never go back. Coming from a strong hip-hop/contemporary dance background, dance has always been her chosen platform of self-expression. After getting her first taste of competitions at Trick star 2016 she is now continuing to develop her own style by creating captivating routines whilst embracing the sexual stigma that comes with pole.

Thirdly CC. CC says “I like Pina Coladas and walking in the rain. I also like pole dancing”. CC bought back the Grey in her devilish routine, the enticing performance she gave sent the audience spinning with love in a slight twisted way.

Forth to showcase her talent was Aurora. Aurora has been pole dancing for just over 5 years. Prior to starting pole she had no experience in dance or gymnastics and was pretty uncoordinated. She continues to be quite uncoordinated and has spent at least half the amount of time she has been pole dancing injured. But for the first time since she started pole she has just gone for a full year without any serious injuries and despite having a rough start to 2017 on a personal level she was really eager to get up on stage to show everyone all what she has been working on. Complicated? We think not! Aurora’s performance was an understatement.

Fifth was Miss Moxie – Scarlett. Moxie – Scarlett has been pole dancing for 2.5 years and loves the challenges it provides. Over the last couple of years she has completing in the intermediate division of Miss Pole Dance TAS as well as competing in the in house competition “Shining Diamonds” twice. She is part of the studio’s performance group the Diamonds of Polesque. This has allowed her to perform several solos over the last couple of years and to show how pole makes her feel invincible.

Sixth to blow you away was Krista. Krista has been addicted to pole dancing since her first class four and a half years ago. She moved to Canberra in 2016 and was trying out new studios before she'd even finished unpacking. She loves learning new tricks, especially a anything bendy. This is Krista's second time competing. Things got hot, heavy and dangerous in Krista’s routine.

Seventh was the beautiful Beltane. Beltane has been pole dancing for two and a half years. She started pole in Newcastle after law school in order to distract herself from post-traumatic law school stress disorder (She swears this is a real thing!) Beltane has a fear of heights which has kept her contained to dancing on the ground for many years. However, she was probably always going to end up finding pole sooner rather than latter; her great aunt was a very well know stripper in Kings Cross, during the 70's. Turns out pole dancing was always in the family genes.

Eighth in line for the crown was Peta. Peta has been pole dancing for 7 years and is an instructor at Vertigal Aerial Fitness and loves the challenge of Miss Pole Dance each year. Those many years of experience paid off in tonight's performance.

Ninth to bedazzle us was Sofia. Sofia started pole dancing in 2012 and her life was forever changed! She loves creating emotion-driven performances, and always aims to bring the show! Sofia is grateful to be able to train at two pole studios. She loves to get down and dirty with all the gorgeous babes at the Brass Room, and pushing her strength and fitness boundaries at the fabulous fitsistas. When she’s not pole dancing, you can find Sofia on the couch, binge-watching TV and looking at pictures of dogs.

Last but not least is the beautiful Cara. Cara has been pole dancing for 5 years and loves all the challenges it brings. No matter how bad she is feeling pole always fixes everything. The wine was flowing in Cara’s routine, bottles of it. Even under the influence nobody could take advantage of Cara, this phenomenal girl can hold her own.

The audience and judges where blown away by the first half of the night, these girls are certainly on their way to the top, with a special thank you to all teachers, studios, partners, friends and family for all their encouragement, help and inspiration. If it wasn’t for you, these girls wouldn’t be half of what they are now, nor preform as they did tonight.


After a short break the night progressed in the professional division, the winner of this division will advance to the finals and have the chance to compete for the crown of Miss Pole Dance Australia. Yet again we were blown away by another group performance with vocalist Cassie, streamers and party poppers blow off as the performance came to a close, CEO of Vigorous Array Jessica Keller stated ‘I was rather enjoying the performance and getting right into it when the poppers and streamers went off. It caught me so off guard I jumped from my seat, my feet where tingling with excitement and I wanted more’.

To rock the world came the professional division, these women are strong, independent and confident in what they do, this is their life and living. So, it’s no wonder they came to battle it out for the title. And a battle we got, these girls hit the stage and hit it hard, the audience’s jaws hit the floor with utter fascination and shock at what the physical body could do. Lights, props and flawless routines dazzled us, with each entrant bringing something new and unique to the table. There is no need to think or imagine how enticing the night had been if you didn't attend, this line-up speaks for itself.

Starting the professional division was Krysti Dallas. Krysti worked the stage during her performance, showing us that woman and men are no different when it comes to abilities. A builder by day, Krysti Dallas earns her living working in the construction industry. She loves the challenges building brings and the constant strength work out it provides. She strives for quality craftsmanship and for that reason she’d rather screw, than glue……. - It together!

Second for the evening was Mel B. Mel had us thinking about her, not the Mel B from the spice girls, after this performance all we can think about is Mel B from Trick Fitness! Mel has been pole dancing for over 4 years at Trick Fitness. She says "I love the way all the girls support and help each other especially when a competition is getting closer. There is so much work that goes into every routine, there are hundreds of crystals put on costumes, new shoes, hair and makeup, music, choreography and all the competitors train so hard to perform on stage".

Third for the spotlight is Emma. Over the six years that Emma has been pole dancing at iSpin, she has done a fair few Disney routines. She loves happy songs and can't help smiling even after hearing them for the 500th time during practice. However, this time there are no princesses involved, and the story isn't exactly appropriate for children. But Emma isn't one to let a theme get in the way of a catchy tune and a fun routine. She isn't religious but she does believe that we should all help each other and be positive about the future.

Forth to show was sweet Honey. Honey has been pole dancing for 6 years and is currently an instructor at iSpin Aerial Dance Studio.  Her notable achievements in the last year include watching all 180 episodes of Seinfeld, and surviving her own wedding. Honey thinks pole is fun and amazing and life changing. Honey’s costume had over 5,000 individually glued diamantes, now that’s dedication. While training for this competition, the biggest bruise Honey got was from sitting on an uncomfortable chair at Grill’d – true story!

Fifth to pull the trigger was JD. JD has been pole dancing at Trick Fitness for almost 5 years. She has done many performances including winning the title of Miss Pole Dance 2015. JD has not competed since then and is finally getting back in the game tonight as she misses the fun and excitement that only comes with competing.

Sixth in the line-up was Katy Eve. Katy Eve is the owner of The Brass Room pole dance studio in Fyshwick. Where she loves inspiring and encouraging her Brass Babes to become strong and sexy women (or men). As a pole dancer Katy Eve is known for her awesome power, fluidity and sultry sexy style. She held the Miss Pole Dance ACT title for the past two years. Her other titles and achievements include and not limited to Winner Dance Filthy 2015, Winner Pole Theatre Classique 2015, Finalist Pole Theatre World 2016, Finalist three times Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015, 16 and 17, Finalist Pole Theatre Classique 2016, Finalist Felix Cane Championships 2015. WOW!

Finally concluding the performances for the evening was Sang. Amy or Miss Sang is a 29 year old dance teacher. She has been pole dancing for 4 years at the pole and fitness studio 'Fitsistas' in Braddon and has been dancing for over 20 years at her own dance school 'Capital Dance Studios' in Charny. She has been crowned Crowd Favourite 2 years in a row at the ACT Miss Pole competition and couldn’t wait to perform for again with a routine inspired by her idol 'Yanis Marshall'.

Wow! wasn't that a line-up, we told you so. The pure strength and passion these ladies have is unthinkable, all competing for the chance to progress to the Miss Pole Dance Australia. As the night ended and the performances came to a close it was time to announce the winners of both amateur and professional divisions.

But first lets get to know the judges, judge number one was non-other than Miss Nikki Anne. Miss Nikki is a classically trained dancer, whose experienced training with some of the best ballet and contemporary companies in the world. She's been teaching pole dancing since 2012 and is co-owner and organiser of Defy Gravity Pole Competition in Sydney.

Judge number two came to no surprise being the one and only Summer Blazin. Summer is the owner of Pole Palace in Sydney, she has been a dancer from the early age of 2, with vast experience in many dance styles. A born performer, Summer took up Pole Dancing in mid-2008 and has not looked back since! With her dance technique, musicality and flair for entertaining, she fell in love with pole from her very first class and from day one she knew she was made for it. Summer has been teaching, performing and competing professionally, nationally and internationally since 2009, she has held many competition titles over the years and has helped many of her students achieve their goals and go onto competing as well.

Finally, the last judge, non-other than Elizabeth Domazet. Elizabeth Domazet is the owner and director of the Australian Pole Championships, Victorian Pole Championships, NSW Pole Championships, Queensland Pole Championships, ACT & Tasmanian Pole Championships as well as 3 others including South Australian, Western Australia and North NSW that organizers run under the APC banner.

Elizabeth is also the owner and director of the Australian Pole Expo and 2 Aerial Pole Academy studios, as well as a renowned national and intentional pole judge and has been since 2011. Fun fact Elizabeth judges approximately 500 pole routines a year.

And here we come to the judge’s results.......YAY! Lets start with the amateur division.

Miss Pole Dance ACT Amateur Division

3rd Place - Sofia

Sofia representing Fitsistas and The Brass Room taking out 3rd place in the amateur division with our stunning judge Miss Nikki Anne

Taking third place in the amateur division is Sofia. Sofia's vibrant outfit of choice took us a trip into the future. From head to toe, Sofia got us thinking about an age old question. From what pole dancing was perceived to be many years ago, what will it become many years from now?. 
The metallic and fluorescent two piece is one we can guarantee helped put her into the top three.

Sofia representing Fitsistas and The Brass Room taking out 3rd place in the amateur division with the stunning judge Miss Nikki Anne.




 2nd Place - Peta

Peta representing Vertigal taking out 2nd place amateur division with our wonderful judge Elizabeth Domazet


Taking second place in the amateur division is Peta. 7 years experience definitely paid off in her high flying routine. The leather get-up and thigh high boots had the audience in a trance, with an upstanding applause at the end. As an instructor at Vertigal Aerial Fitness her students are following in the right footsteps.

Peta representing Vertigal taking out 2nd place amateur division with the wonderful judge Elizabeth Domazet.





 1st Place - Cara

Cara representing Trick Fitness winning the amateur division with the beautiful judge Summer Blazin


Last but not least is Cara, taking home first place in the Miss Pole Dance ACT amateur division. What a performance! Cara's performance was one that made you wonder if she was really mean't to be in the amateur division? Flawless floor work, flawless aerial skills and all round flawless routine, not to mention we love a good fur vest. Cara this was no challenge for you. You've rocked the boat and raised the standards. 

Cara representing Trick Fitness winning the amateur division with the beautiful judge Summer Blazin.




Miss Pole Dance ACT Professional Division

3rd Place - Sang

Sang representing Fitsistas taking out 3rd place professional division with Miss Nikki Anne



Taking third place in the professional division is Sang. Sang had us floating through the clouds with her soulful routine inspired by her idol 'Yanis Marshall'. Plain as black and white, her routine didn't have all the flashing lights and colours, Sang bought it back to the simplicity of pole with a crisp white two piece and floating white drapes.

Sang representing Fitsistas taking out 3rd place professional division with Miss Nikki Anne.




2nd Place - Katy Eve

Katy Eve representing The Brass Room taking out 2nd place professional division with Elizabeth Domaze


Taking second place in the professional division is renowned Katy Eve, with many titles up her sleeve it's no wonder she made it into the top three, its almost a guarantee really. Katy's routine has us transfixed in what we thought was going to be a beautiful music box performance, though Katy sauced the night up when the tutu came off and the hair came out! Being owner of the Brass Room, we can guarantee her students are following in her footsteps.

Katy Eve representing The Brass Room taking out 2nd place professional division with Elizabeth Domazet.




1st Place - JD

Finally our winner JD representing Trick Fitness with Summer Blazin


Finally the winner of the night, taking first place in the professional division is JD! JD rocked the night with her attitude, she came, she rocked, she dropped the mic and went home with the crown. Never have we seen someone so energetic, she came for the win and win she did. Dancing to Rockstar by Rihanna and matching that with a rock star outfit, thigh high boots, black two piece, chains and more, she had the look and attitude down pat.

Finally our winner JD representing Trick Fitness with Summer Blazin.




Crowd Favourite - Honey

Honey representing Ispin taking out crowd favourite with our stunning emcee for evening Diesel Darlin


Taking crowd favourite is the beautiful Honey. Honey quickly caught the audiences attention when she came on stage sparkling with over 5000 individually glued diamantes her two piece blinded the audience, as her skills amazed them. Once she had them in her grasp she didn't let go, caught by her shine she endeavoured to keep them by dancing into their hearts.

Honey representing Ispin taking out crowd favourite with our stunning emcee for evening Diesel Darling.





Who couldn't we thank for contributing to this fantastic event. Let's start with the people who made it all happen Jen, Andrew and the team at Trick Fitness. Trick Fitness is not only a pole studio it is a gym. When you join Trick you will receive an assessment with Andrew you will discuss your goals and set a plan about the best most realistic way to get there. Andrew will write you a program and each time you come in you will have a trainer take you through your program. You will have a checkup every 4 weeks to ensure you are still on track to reaching your goals. Sounds like an awesome place to train!

Photography supplied by Chi Chu. 

Chi Chu is an ACT based photographer, she shoots local ACT competitions such as Trickstar, Poison Ivy, Miss Pole ACT and the Australian Pole Championships. Chi Chu has been shooting the Pole Championships with the renowned Elizabeth Domazet since 2011 and is more known for her competition photos. Chi Chu also shoots Pole Expressions up in Brisbane and will be the main photographer for the Pole Theatre Amateur in November 2017 as well as the Pole Festival. Chi Chu also photographs for many top pole dance brands and is selective about non-competition shoots. She has been in the pole community for quite a long time so why not follow her journey on one of her many social media sites?

Instagram - chichuphoto
Facebook - Chi Chu Photography

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