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Wagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance Clothing

The Pole Spectacular? There are many words that could substitute "Spectacular", like amazing, astonishing, breathtaking, dazzling, fantastic, marvelous.... The list is endless but doesn't even begin to cover this years event hosted by the Wagga Pole Studio.

Established in Wagga Wagga for over seven years, Wagga Pole Studio is focused on educating, inspiring and motivating each and everyone one of their students with instructors that are knowledgeable, passionate and caring.

On November 18th the Pole Spectacular's doors where opened, for one night only. Adoring fans, family and friends anxiously filled the seats in wait for the nights entertainment, a pole dance extravaganza, the Pole Spectacular!

Wagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance ClothingEmceeing the Pole Spectacular was the glorious hostess with the mostess Mistress Pas de Chatte! Mistress Pas de Chatte is the owner and teacher of Burlesque Wagga, with years of experience in the art of burlesque dance and costume design it's hardly unbelievable she turned up in a blinding floor length gown with a thigh high slit and sequins that could take an eye out. 

"To Mistress Pas de Chatte, our host for the evening for all that you do!" - Jen Wagga Pole Studio

Solos, doubles, group performances, little spinners, teen spinners and all the between acts games and prizes. The Wagga Pole Studio pulled all the stops to make Pole Spectacular the most memorable event yet, and they did, the Pole Spectacular has been the Wagga Pole Studio's biggest showcase yet!

Wagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance ClothingOpening the night with a bang where the instructors, setting an example of how pole dance should be done with perfect form, fluent transitions and the most important pointed toes. Heals or bare foot Heidi, Melissa, Shae and Belle can dance, demonstrating the beauty, strength and sassy punch pole dance has to offer. Throughout the night routine after routine these instructors showed us what they're made of, enlightening the audience by showing their individual characters on stage.

"Honourable mentions must go to our instructors, Mel, Heidi, Shae and Belle for their chorey, mentoring and pure inspiration." - Jen Wagga Pole Studio

In the midst of instructors came the rush of students! Over 13 students performed at the Pole Spectacular, each showing their unique style of dance. Bare foot to sky high thigh high boots! Covering lots to covering Wagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance Clothingnothing, children, teens and adults. The variety is endless, but the one thing they all had in common was the courage to get on stage and perform. Not many people can do it, a lot of people are closet dancers, but seeing the bravery in these students may make some pole dancers think twice.

Dancing for delight where the little spinners Emma and Siennah, the teen spinners Meg and Erin, adult students Roschelle, Adelaide, Zoe, Amber, Naomi, Chloe, Megan, Bree and Kelly-Anne. Not to mention two special routines performed by Jen and Jeff owners of Wagga Pole Studio!

The diversity of the Pole Spectacular kept the audience in aWagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance Clothing constant trance, little spinners Emma and Siennah filled the room with warmth and joy as these little trick stars busted out moves thought to advanced for their age group, the applause and cheering Emma and Siennah received thundered through the room. We're hoping to see big things come from these two inspiring girls.

Teen spinners Meg and Erin caused a domino reaction when they stepped on stage and set their routine alight with a choreographed routine to Jessie J's hit song Domino. With everything on point Meg and Erin made jaws drop, making simple moves so graceful. 

Wagga Pole Studio Pole Spectacular Vigorous Array Pole Dance ClothingFloor work is just as big a part of pole dancing than dancing on the pole. From little spinners to studio owners each and everyone showed pure pole talent juggling both floor work and pole work. 

By the end of the night the good vibes kept rolling with special thanks to helpers, sponsors, supporters and performers. The night comes to a close as the adrenaline starts to slow, after hours of thrill.

"Thanks to everyone for helping us to put on another successful Showcase. We could not have done it without you." - Jen Wagga Pole Studio

Such an amazing and successful showcase well executed by all who performed, we can't wait to see what they have install for their next big showcase.

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