About us

Vigorous Array is a contemporary online store specialising in acrobatics, pole dance and aerials.

Vigorous Array was founded in 2014 by Jessica Keller and began as a small business venture which shortly grew into what it is known for today. Jessica was introduced to the pole world back in 2013 and without dismay found a new lifestyle for a fit and healthy life. She saw the flexibility, strength and endurance dancers sought after when trying to accomplish new moves, the gracefulness, sexuality and art when a move was mastered.

Over the course of a year Jessica decided to broaden the horizons to a new dance academy offering acrobatics and aerials; such as silks, lyra and trapeze. This had awakened a new sense of ability and mind. It was then when Jessica realized the lack of attire for such dance.

Jessica had begun sewing when she was 17 years of age and decided to put these skills to the test by creating her own line of work called the VA Signature Collection. By researching the types and quality of fabrics used by professional dancers and the movements of dance, she then began her venture into Vigorous Array.

Vigorous Array offers high quality dance wear from around the world. We are constantly on the lookout for new designs of cultural aspect.